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Stay a head of the Game

Our knee pad foam is:

- made from 100% recycled plastic

- Ultra light 

- Durable



That's how we stay ahead of the game . 

We can keep our manufacturing costs down,

& pass that savings on  

keeping prices low.for our Customers

1Love - 1game -

SOFTSPOT*disc golf Int. - DG gear & clothing

****We  do, web, graphic, & Logo design. 

We make stickers, scorecards, signs, posters, & flyers. 

We put your logo on -

T's & sweatshirts, hats, towels, can  holders,

 money zip pouches, tri leg chairs, gloves, clipboards

knee pad-mini's, bag tags,  trophy SPOTs, and more. 

Shag & Scoob - SPOT*outtakes

Shaggy, & Scooby Take 1   : SPOT*mercial 

SOFTSPOT*custom DG knee pad mini*s

It's a's a's both !!!

Meeting PDGA standards for both items, at aprox. 4.5 inches wide & 0.5 inches thick.

We have over 2000 logos to pick from, or....

Send us your picture, club / team logo, your dog, golf buddy, family, car whatever. 

Need a logo ? We'll make your logo and put it on a SPOT, shirts, hats, and more for your club. 

SOFT*wear SPOT*Logo T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, and more.

$8 SPOT*logo T*s 

$12  Sweatshirts 

$6  hats

$2 golf towels

-we'll put your CLUB or TEAM Logo on anything we have 

-Need a logo? We got it, just let us know!!


SPOT*design video reel

New-new, SPOT* Logos scratched out

New logos from Graphic Design,

 accompanied by scratchy noises

Medal Madness

Watch Your Medal


Now see SPOT* do three things at once....

Turn yourSPOT* into a Trophy for your league, club, tournament, or event payouts.

These are useable knee pad SPOT*s that come with your logo on the front

 & our medal stamps on the back. Each come with a matching T-shirt 

Only $15

Watch Your Medal !!

Watching MEDAL

All TrophySPOT*s come with the same number Mad Medal T-shirt for $15

Bag it and Tag it

Softspot* KEYspot*keychain & BAG tags 

Mini Spot*s with your logo + # on front

Spot logo on the back

Aprox. 2 inches wide & 0.5 thick



$2.00 each

SPOT*your dryve

• • • • Who's gonna dyve you home ? SOFTSPOT*disc golf • • •

Everything for your next DG event, from start to finish.

Anything you need for your Event, let us know. Call us with your ideas and CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN SPOT*pack 916-690-4075

Get out there, and THROW !!

SOFTSPOT*disc golf Int.


spreading disc golf & softness

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- Google images - Twitter - Wordpress

- SocialClub -Tumblr - Amazon

- Facebook marketplace - MACY'S

- ITunes - Walmart - and more, 

SOFTSPOT*disc golf International 

6000 People 48 Countries 7 Continents



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SOFTSPOT*disc golf


SOFTSPOT*disc golf open LATE 

24 hour SPOT*line 916-690-4075

24 hour delivery .....We're out for YOU !!!

SPOT*the Number

                   Come and GUESS the Daily SPOT* Number

                                  @1softspot on FaceBook 

                            FOR A FREE SPOT*logo T*shirt  

                           men/women/ & kdz shirts & sizes

Disc magic

At the end of the day....